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ForEco is a Smart Forest Ecological Management System that provides ecosystem services to a large number of customers.

ForEco is a Decision Support System integrating a set of models that support adaptive management of forest ecosystems to achieve their sustainable development and operation as a natural source of ecosystem services.

These ecosystem services are based on a large quantity of Open Data used to provide information for the: nitrogen content in the leaves, absorbed photosynthetic active radiation, net primary production and CO2 utilization, humidity in the soil, etc. Such data is based on: combination of different satellite and airborne observations and experimental ecosystem models. A number of water, carbon cycle and forest models for simulating the silvicultural influence are adapted: Agrarian Dynamic Global Vegetation Models, Models of the Plant Cover and Forest Growth Models.

The ForEco smart system is focused on managing the material services provided by forest ecosystems such as: food (all supplied by forest species food, including non-timber forest raw materials); fuels (structural timber, firewood, hay and other organic materials - source of energy); raw materials for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry (homeopathic medicine and phytotherapy, extraction of drugs, biocides, food additives, etc.); various other biological products (skins, shells and flowers used in the decoration and the used ornamental plants in landscaping, etc.); biodiversity and genetic resources (including species and genetic diversity, used in organisms’ breeding and the development of biotechnology. The assessment of stocks dynamics depending on climate changes enables the economic benefits prediction. The application relays on key indicators to assess the status of stocks and listed material resources and ball scale through which it provides a synthesized assessment priority and reliable use of business services.

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