Ecosystem services

    ForEco creates value processing publicly available open data with FIWARE tools producing ecosystem services such as:
  1. Information about biodiversity in the forests
  2. Forest resources valuation
  3. Forecasts related to the changes of the resources in the forests due to environmental and human factors
  4. Assessment of ecosystem services within a forestry
  5. Recommendations for a sustainable, economically viable (optimal according to set of criteria) ecological forest management based on an evaluation of the resources of a particular forest
  6. Evaluation of the impact of a particular forest (or forest systems) on the local/global environment
  7. Evaluation of the volume and quality of resources (timber, animals, plants, berries, mushrooms, O2, water, etc.) in the forestry and forecasting
  8. Modelling of the state of a particular tree species, its communities and forest ecosystems (as a resource), prediction of the resource development and recommendations for sustainable ecological management of the resource
  9. Evaluation of the renewal capacity of a particular forest.
  10. Decrease of CO2 emissions and possible benefit from CO2 quotas trading

ForEco a Smart Forest Ecological Management System is designed as an integrated information system for classification and dissemination of large volumes of heterogeneous ecological data and information combined with an advanced decision support system. The implementation of the ForEco project contributes to the sustainable ecological and profitable management of forests.


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