Team Members

Dr. Mariyana Lyubenova (project coordinator) is an Associate Professor at Sofia University, Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection. She has been a manager of scientific investigations and teams with great experience in the field of forest ecology - production and structure, development of forest models, forest stability estimation, forest monitoring, and risk assessment, implementation of information technologies in forest ecosystems management and creation of methodologies for sustainable forest areas development. Dr. Lyubenova is a member of: Balkan Environmental Federation; Balkan Academy of Science and Culture; Union of scientists in Bulgaria. She is also President of the NGO "Europe for all"; Member of Association of Innovative Economy; Member of Editorial Board of Journal of Balkan Ecology; Member of Editorial Board of book Botany, Annual of Sofia University; Editorial Board of International Journal of Ecological Science and Environmental Engineering. Dr. Lyubenova has more than 100 scientific publications.

Dr. Alexandre Chikalanov is an Associate Professor at the University of Library Study and Information Technology. He is also the CTO of Virtech. He has 30+ years of experience in software industry. He has more than 50 successful projects in the fields of data processing, needs assessment for establishment on information system IT issues. Dr. Chikalanov led many industrial projects related to development of large enterprise systems operating with databases containing over 100 millions of records, several projects for mobile technology systems, a system for audiovisual digital rights protection, expertise in development of platforms for data acquisition from remote sensing devices, interactive TV, etc. He has been involved also in several European RTD Projects, such as ELLIOT and TARGET, a CIP ICT PSP Project - ATLAS, and several projects under the EC LLP. In the last four years he has been actively working in the area of Internet of Things and FIWARE technologies. Dr. Chikalanov has about 20 scientific publications. He has 3 successful exits from start-up companies.

Dr. Yuri Pavlov is Associate Professor at Institute of Information and Communication Technologies in Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He has both research and practical expertise in innovative and creative decision-making, optimal control, control design of complex systems. He has interests in the fields of decision making and decision support systems, utility theory, theory of measurement, stochastic approximation, machine learning, methods and algorithms for mathematical modelling, optimization and control including complex systems, different approaches for stabilization and control, reduction and equivalent transformation of nonlinear mathematical models, optimization of continuous and fed-batch cultivation processes are also of current interest. His research has been published in international journals: Proceedings of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Encyclopedia of Business Analytics and Optimization, IGI Global (USA), International Online Journal Bioautomation, European Journal of OR, E-learning III and the knowledge society-Belgium, Proceedings in Manufacturing Systems - Romania, Global Journals Inc. (USA), Indian Journal of Applied Research (India). He is author of the monograph Pavlov, Yuri P. & Rumen D. Andreev- "Decision Control, Management, and Support in Adaptive and Complex Systems: Quantitative Models, Hershey, PA, IGI Global, 2013. He is also member of International Institute of Informatics and Systemics (IIIS) and Informing Science Institute, Dr. Yuri Pavlov has more than 90 publications.

Dr. Kamen Spassov is Associate Professor at Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Sofia University. In the last 15 years he is working in the areas of Customer Relationship Management and e-Governance. He has experience in marketing, sales and implementation of Business applications in variety of companies, local and state administrations. He has strong project management and general management skills acquired in the companies in USA and Bulgaria and state administration. Dr. Spassov has more than 100 publications in the scientific, specialized and general press. He is inventor of a patent registered in US and EU. He is among the initiators of the open data portal of Bulgarian government opendata.government.bg.


Mariyana Lyubenova
E-mail: ryana_l@yahoo.com
Phone: +359898740115

Yuri Pavlov
E-mail: yupavlov15@isdip.bas.bg
Phone: +359885088397

Alexandre Chikalanov
E-mail: ctmdevelopment@yahoo.com
Phone: +359888209936

Kamen Spassov
E-mail: kspassov@gmail.com
Phone: +359898422585